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Created in 2 days for Ludum Dare 38, based on the theme "Small World". You start off on an asteroid and you must place rockets at the edge to thrust it off into space and connecting to other asteroids to increase the size of your planet and gain more resources.

The game was created by: John Roberts (@Thingus49), Timothy Threadgold (@TimThreadgold) and Alex Spedding (@MidnightSunDev).


  • WASD = Move
  • I: Open your inventory, you can view how many rockets you have left
  • C: Craft new rockets from harvested resources
  • E: Place a rocket
  • F: Show FPS
  • Escape: Quit
  • Control: Use rockets

Your asteroid group will automatically attach to asteroids it collides with it (like Katamari)

Known bugs:

  • Sometimes resources will be spawned slightly out-of-reach
  • At the start of the game, asteroids will appear from nowhere (the random generation is using yield so it doesn't fully finish a number of seconds into the game)
  • Two types of the resources are pointless
  • There is no end goal


HowToBuildAPlanet_v0_1.app.zip 18 MB
HowToBuildAPlanet_32bit_v0_1.zip 13 MB
HowToBuildAPlanet_64bit_v0_1.zip 15 MB


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how do you move the rock i put the rockets down but it wont move


The game is bigger than the screen I see it in, be it Windowed or Fullscreen. Mac

What resolution did you run it at (if you remember), I think we assumed that Unity handled all the resolution scaling unfortunately :/

I go for 1152x720. But the game is oversized no matter which resolution I choose.

Download links (Windows) fixed!


For the windows build you need to include the [buildname]_Data folder.

Put the folder and the exe in a zip file and share that

Oh rookie mistake, cheers for pointing that out! Been a while since I used Unity and I assumed it was packaged up in the exe like the Mac .app file

I cant open the game with the itch.io Launcher

Which file did you download? Or is there an itch.io Launcher program like Steam I'm unaware of?